Why Vision Screens are Important For Children

Make vision screenings part of your child's yearly health routine.

While it's true that your child's school probably offers routine vision screenings every year, experts stress that it's important to have a comprehensive eye exam at their pediatrician's office as well. Most school screenings only test distance acuity; that is, whether or not your child has 20/20 vision. Pediatric Partners of Hampton Roads in Norfolk offer much more in-depth visual screenings to their patients. Here's why:

Visual problems can be mistaken or overlooked.

Although distance vision is a common problem for children, other problems with the eyes can go undiagnosed if only the distance vision is being tested. Furthermore, visual problems may be misinterpreted as behavioral or learning disabilities without a professional evaluation by your Norfolk pediatrician. Treatable conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), hyperopia (difficulty focusing at near distances), or strabismus (crossed eyes) are not typically diagnosed at school vision screenings.

A variety of tests pinpoints the exact vision problem.

Just as a dentist checks for a multitude of issues with the teeth - decay, misalignment or other abnormalities - your Norfolk pediatrician will conduct several tests to check each part of the eye for potential problems. These include testing your child's ability to read close-up, to focus, to track objects, to identify colors, and the competence of both eyes working together.

Healthy eyes contribute to success.

A child who has trouble differentiating colors or seeing the words in a book may suffer both socially and academically. Straining the eyes to see properly can also cause headaches and difficulty concentrating. By visiting Dr. Vernita Peeples or nurse practitioners Heather Westfall or Christine Hardy, you are giving your child the opportunity to correct any vision problems that may be causing other unnecessary issues.

If you'd like to schedule a vision screening at Pediatric Partners of Hampton Roads, give our Norfolk office a call today!