The Gift of Motherhood

Just the other day my son stopped by my office for an impromptu visit.  Never mind that I just saw him that morning before he left to go to work/school, it still brought a feeling of joy and pride in my heart to see him.  I feel that joy anytime anyone of my four kids stops by and pays me a visit or even when I come home and find them there waiting to tell me some interesting story. I am excited because they have given me the greatest gift—the gift of motherhood and with it came, insight (mother’s intuition) and wisdom and gratefulness that I have been able to create and impact a child’s life.

With Mother’s Day coming in just one week, I started to reflect on some of the great memories that I’ve shared with my kids—visits to the zoo, the dairy farm, school field trips (yes, I did chaperone one or two), violin and piano recitals,  poetry slams and talent shows, soccer, softball and football games.  I kept (and still do) the largest bundle of keys so that as my boys ran in those track meets, they could hear them jingling in celebration in the background.  My kids and I share “memory making moments”—moments that don’t always get photographed but are definitely noteworthy.  I can’t imagine my life without them. 

Today’s blog only gives you one pediatric tip—most kids don’t remember your presents—an outfit or expensive shoes that you bought last summer but they remember your presence at their school play two years ago.  Those important memories will stay with them and they will in turn, give you “moments”—like dropping in unexpectedly at your job just to chat.  


Dr. P