Little Known Fact

As a pediatrician, every day should be “Children’s Day” but believe it or not, there is an official Children’s Day in June.  It occurs midway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  In the “country” where I grew up, it meant a special church program where the children were expected to recite Bible passages or perform in a cute skit or sing in the children’s choir.  It also meant ice cream and cake after services.  Although, I think of this “special day” as a “little known fact”, my sister, to my chagrin, always remembers the day and sends well wishes to all her nieces and nephews.  For her kids, she gives a small token of love.  The only bad thing about this is that my kids wonder why their mom—a children’s advocate, never remembers the day.  My solution—let’s rename it Aunt Rain’s Children’s Day.  LOL—Just kidding. 

As our children grow, remember, however, to become advocates for your children.

  • Have open and honest communication—the family supper table is a great opportunity to sit with your child and hear their thoughts on current events and things happening with their peers.
  • Keep computers in open areas so that you can monitor your child’s computer content.  Check out the social networks and chat rooms that they may be using.  Place parental controls on websites that you do not want them to visit.  Monitor screen time and set limits on cell phone usage especially at night (which may affect your child’s sleep hygiene). 
  • Sign up for the parent portal at the school so that you can monitor your child’s scholastic progress.  Involve your kids with the portal so that they also utilize it to check for missing assignments or papers, then they won’t feel as if you are spying on them. 
  • Know your children’s friends—host fun events in your home so that their friends are comfortable in your home and you, in turn, will get an opportunity to get to know them.

Developing healthy relationships with your children will make every day a “Children’s Day”!

Remember, June 14th is Children’s Day!!!


Dr. P