A Special Thank You

My youngest son recently had a birthday and like the dutiful mom, I posted embarrassing pictures of him on Facebook.  Among all the “Happy Birthdays” were comments about “I remember when. . .” but mostly, “My how time flies”.  I say all this because it’s becoming more and more common that my patients are not really new at all.  I took care of their parents!  The unsettling thing for me, however, is that the parents are NOT teen parents but FULL GROWN homeowners with families of two and three kids.  My, how time flies. . .  I look in amazement at the fact that I have been in practice for nearly 25 years.  Many of these former patients may have been teenagers when we met so you sort of get the idea.  In any case, I feel both honored and privileged that I have and will continue to touch so many lives.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to take care of all of you—new and former patients.


I love you and thank you for trusting me!

Dr. Peeples